Our House in Dresden - Südvorstadt

Our houses at the Nürnberger Straße 39, 43 and 45 were built in the years 1903–1905 in Art Nouveau style. By 1945, they were part of a magnificent ensemble to the Nürnberger Ei in the southern suburb of Dresden. The bombing destroyed this ensemble forever. We are glad that our house survived the bombing and today stands as a proud monument to the uniqueness of Dresden. Our homes offer a variety of rooms such as studios, offices, practice rooms, apartments and flats from1.5 to five rooms.


Living in Art Nouveau style in Dresden

Our Houses offer a wide range of accomodations like Ateliers, offices, practice rooms, furnished studios, single apartments and large family apartments or atrium apartments starting from 1 to 5 Rooms.

Our Adresse

Nürnberger Straße 39, 43, 45

01187 Dresden

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minimum rent time 6 month

We offer furnished flats for Students, doctoral & professors and big apartments for families and people sharing an apartment.

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